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Lisp (programming language)

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Common Lisp

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The first complete Lisp compiler, written in Lisp, This article's examples are written in Common Lisp (though most are also valid in Scheme).

Symbolic expressions (S-expressions) This allows easy writing of programs which manipulate other programs (metaprogramming). Many Lisp dialects exploit this feature using macro systems, which. The Art of Lisp & Writing Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.

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–Charles Darwin. Lisp is the language of loveliness. With it a great programmer can make a beautiful, operating thing, a thing organically created and formed through the interaction of a programmer/artist and a medium of expression that happens to execute on a computer.

writing a C compiler in Common Lisp Hi all, I've read in several places (and it appears often in this group) that Lisp is good for writing compilers/interpreters. I'm now thinking of undertaking a project to prove that (at least to myself). Looking for compilers written in Common Lisp for non-Lisp languages.

submitted 6 years ago by mickbeaver. Hello, which is written in ZetaLisp (precursor to Common Lisp) and is a C compiler. As Cliki notes, it isn't trivially portable to CL, but it should be indicative of the general style you would use.

e: woops, didn't see that this was. Free Common Lisp Compilers, Interpreters, Development Systems. This page lists free Common Lisp interpreters, compilers and development systems.

LISP Tutorial 1: Basic LISP Programming

Some of the compilers/interpreters comply with the ANSI Common Lisp specification, others will handle standard prolog with the Edinburgh syntax.

Steel Bank Common Lisp provides a. The Art of Lisp & Writing primarily for the benefit of a compiler and computer to create an executable version of it that is as efficient as it can be, but sometimes also for readers who will perhaps be enlightened by knowing all the details of the program without having to do a lot of thinking.

LISP Tutorial 1: Basic LISP Programming

Lisp, of course, and especially Common.

Writing a compiler in common lisp examples
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