Comparative study of the concentration dependence

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Concentration Dependence

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Comparative study of carrier lifetime dependence on dopant concentration in silicon and germanium. The protocols used in this study were fairly simple; the accuracy of the method can be further improved by including measurements for additional biophysical parameters (e.g.

frequency-dependence, pH-dependence, etc). Comparative study of flame-based SiO 2 nanoparticle synthesis from TMS and HMDSO: In terms of temperature dependence, the SiO concentration measurement in this work (i.e., based upon mole-fraction) is proportional to T/f B.

Our line choice weakens. Comparative in vitro study on the anti-herpetic effect of phytochemically characterized aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Salvia officinalis grown at. Concentration Dependence.

As more solvent diffuses into a polymer the structure opens up, making it even easier for solvent to diffuse - in other words the diffusion coefficient is concentration dependent.

Body mass predicts isotope enrichment in herbivorous mammals Comparative study of the concentration dependence
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Comparative study of carrier lifetime dependence on dopant concentration in silicon and germanium