Comparative study of the attitude of

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A comparative study on attitude of contraceptive methods users towards common contraceptive methods

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Comparative Surveys on Attitudes, Values and Beliefs

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A comparative study of Knowledge, Attitude, Practice of nutrition and non-nutrition student towards 33 | Page Chi square test showed a significant difference between eating habits and nutrition background of the students.

(P. comparitive study of attitude of girls towards eve teasing in private and government colleges of delhi INTRODUCTION Violence against women has become one of the most visible and articulated social problem around the world.

Feb 28,  · The findings of the present study showed that attitude is an important factor in selecting contraceptive method and it has a major role in behaviors related to use contraceptive methods; therefore, reviewing the attitude of the users is an important issue in consulting the contraceptive method.

A comparative study on attitude of contraceptive methods users towards common contraceptive methods

A Comparative Study of the Attitudes between the Students and Teachers of Two Public Elementary Schools in Northern Mindanao toward the K to 12 Curriculum Shift Lourd Greggory D. Crisol, MAELS1 and John Brian L. Alamillo2 1Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology.

Feb 28,  · About withdrawal method, % of the study subjects had desirable attitude, 45% had semi-desirable attitude, % had undesirable attitude and % also had extremely undesirable attitude and about the total attitude of all the subjects about contraceptive methods, % had semi-desirable attitude and % had undesirable attitude.

Comparative Surveys on Attitudes, Values and Beliefs; Historical Comparative Surveys on Attitudes, Values and Beliefs; European Values Study. 10) Flash Eurobarometer. 11) Gallup World Poll. 12) Global Barometer Surveys. 13) ISSP. 14) Latinobarómetro.

A Comparative Study of Attitude of Mental Health Versus Nonmental Professionals toward Suicide

15) Pew Global Attitudes Project.

Comparative study of the attitude of
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